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Using Qt 5.15 and Qt 6 under LGPLv3

Nearly exactly 5 years ago, I wrote my first article about Using Qt 5.6 and Later under LGPL. The trigger then was the switch from LGPLv2.1 to LGPLv3 with Qt 5.6. The trigger now is the switch from Qt 5 to Qt 6. All the Qt modules under LGPLv3 5 years ago are still available under LGPLv3 – unless they have been retired. Some new modules like Charts, CoAP and MQTT were only available under Qt Commercial until Qt 5.15, but are now available under the new Marketplace license for 50-300 USD per year (no royalties). Some new modules like Quick 3D and WebAssembly are only commercially available. All in all not much changed: You can still build fantastic HMIs with Qt LGPLv3.

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