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Using Qt under LGPLv3

At Qt Day 2019 in Florence, Italy, I gave a talk Using Qt under LGPLv3. In the first part The obligations of Qt LGPLv3: made understandable, I explain in detail, how you must provide the source code, the license texts, the copyright notices, any modification notices and the installation information. You don’t have to provide the installation information for B2B products like driver terminals in commercial vehicles, industrial devices and medical devices in hospitals. In other words, you don’t have to satisfy the anti-tivoisation rule for B2B products.

In the second part When to use Qt LGPLv3 and when Qt Commercial, I compare the costs of the two license variants. The costs for Qt LGPLv3 are roughly a quarter of the costs for Qt Commercial. This may change if you require some of Qt’s commercial-only features like Qt Lite, Boot2Qt, Qt 3D Designer and Qt Safe Renderer.

In the third part How Yocto and Fossology help with FOSS compliance, I explain how Yocto and Fossology, a free license scanner, help you to comply with all the FOSS and proprietary licenses in a Linux system.

You find the video of my talk on YouTube and the slides of my presentation below. The third part is only available in the slides and not in the video.

As a service, I offer to teach you and your team how to perform license compliance for a Linux system including Qt, how to configure Yocto and how to use Fossology for tricky licensing cases and copyright. Feel free to contact me by email.

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