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ICS on QtCommercial: “Fee is Better Than Free”

Mark Hatch, the COO of the Qt consultancy ICS, gives four strong arguments, why projects should pay for Qt Commercial instead of using Qt under LGPLv3 for free:

  • Reduced obligations/greater flexibility of distribution
  • Additional features
  • Technical support
  • License negotiation

Mark’s argument would be so much stronger, if The Qt Company published its license fees or at least gave some ballpark figures. If potential customers had a rough idea of the costs, they would think something like this: “Wow, Qt Commercial is much cheaper than I thought. I get some killer features on top of the free license. I have absolute peace of mind when deploying my application on devices. Let’s contact sales. I am sure I can get a good discount.”

Now compare this with the current situation: “I hate calling sales people to get a first quote. They’ll call me twice a week for the next four weeks. I really hate this. OK, I’ll call them next week.” It is unlikely that Qt Sales will ever hear of this potential customer.

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