Open post Ports-and-adapters architecture for harvester terminal with GUI, Cloud, Machine and Customer adapter.

My Talk “A Successful Architecture for Qt Embedded Systems” at Qt Day Italy 2021

Creating an architecture means answering many questions about the ecosystem, in which the Qt embedded system operates. While the questions are very similar for all Qt embedded systems, the answers and their priorities differ. So, you should be able to transfer the questions and answers from my running example, a harvester terminal, to your system.

Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 18

My May newsletter is all about system design and architecture. The trigger for my binge was the inspiring Software Architecture Workshop held by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer. I wrote two posts about the architecture of Qt embedded systems (more to come) and read the relevant parts of five books to understand the authors’ unique...

Open post Window manager showing split view of home (left) and of turbine cam (right).

Architecture of Qt Embedded Systems: Single vs. Multiple GUI Applications

Our quest for a successful architecture of a harvester terminal continues. In this episode, we discuss when a system with a single application is good enough and when a system with multiple applications and a window manager is the better choice. Sometimes, a single-application system with a window manager is just the right choice.

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