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Book Review: “Accelerate” by Nicole Forsgren et al.

The book Accelerate – Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations by Nicole Forsgren et al. is an eye opener and game changer for everyone involved in software development. Nicole provides empirical evidence why teams that apply best practices like test and deployment automation, continuous integration, loosely coupled architectures and team empowerment by far outperform teams that don’t. Following the practices of the Agile Manifesto, eXtreme Programming and Scrum enables teams to deliver software both faster and with higher quality than teams ignoring these practices. Trade-offs between speed and quality are debunked as lame excuses.

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What Makes a Developer Truly Professional

QA finds many bugs that are very easy to catch. Builds contain warnings and runs error messages and even violated assertions. Coding guidelines and good coding practices are ignored. Unit tests are only written to drive line coverage up. Acceptance tests are missing. Code is committed although some tests are failing. Releases are prepared manually. All these symptoms are signs for unprofessional developers at work. So, what makes a developer truly professional?
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