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Success Story: Saving a Home Applicance Maker Millions

Customer Value

  • Multi-million euro savings per year
    • Customer: top-5 hoe appliance maker
    • Now: 250K appliances with rich UX
    • In 5 years: 2.5M appliances with rich UX
  • Future-proof system architecture
    • Now: only premium appliances have microprocessor for rich UX
    • In 5 years: mid-range appliances move from microcontrollers to microprocessors for rich UX
    • In 10 years: even low-end appliances with rich UX

Comparison: Web vs. Qt

  • Good UX for home appliances with Web requires at least quad-core Cortex-A9
  • Same UX with Qt easily achieved with single-core Cortex-A8
  • SoC cost for Web: € 21.15 per appliance
  • SoC cost for Qt: € 9.80 per appliance
  • Qt saves € 11.35 per appliance!