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Success Story: Driver Terminal for ROPA Sugar Beet Harvesters

Customer Value

  • Enabled in-house development
    • Self-dependent team instead of full dependence on supplier
  • Saved five years of development time
    • Used Scrum for project management
    • Introduced best practices likes TDD, automated testing, code generation, one-click builds and code reviews
  • Significantly reduced errors in field
    • Quick response to faults during harvest
    • Avoid damage of high-quality brand image
  • Helped select temrinal hardware
    • Introduced customer to terminal manufacturers

Special Features

  • HMI, middleware in QML, Qt, C++ on embedded Linux
  • Input with multi touch, rotary encoders, keys
  • Linux system on i.MX6 custom-built with Yocto
  • Integration of three Motec IP cameras
  • Code generator for CAN communication
  • On-board diagnostics and calibration