Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 18

My May newsletter is all about system design and architecture. The trigger for my binge was the inspiring Software Architecture Workshop held by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer. I wrote two posts about the architecture of Qt embedded systems (more to come) and read the relevant parts of five books to understand the authors’ unique perspective on system architecture.

I’ll judge the different approaches by the following question: How does the approach help me increase the chance of creating a good, right and successful architecture?

The newsletter will go out on Monday, 7 June 2021. Here is the table of contents as a teaser.

  • My Blog Posts
  • Reading on System Architecture
    • Dana Bredemeyer and Ruth Malan, Software Architecture Workshop (training)
    • Michael Keeling, Design It! From Programmer to Software Architect (book), The Pragmatic Programmers, 2017
    • Mark Richards and Neal Ford, Fundamentals of Software Architecture (book), O’Reilly, 2020
    • George Fairbanks, Just Enough Software Architecture: A Risk-Driven Approach (book), Marshall & Brainerd, 2010
    • Martin Fowler, Is Design Dead? (post), 2004
    • Neal Ford, Rebecca Parsons and Patrick Kua, Building Evolutionary Architectures: Support Constant Change, O’Reilly, 2017
    • W. Edwards Deming, The Essential Deming (book), McGraw-Hill, 2013

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Newsletter: Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems

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