Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 17

Until now my newsletter went out on the last day of the month. From now on, I’ll send out the newsletter on the first Monday of the month. On the Friday before, I’ll announce the contents of the newsletter on my blog (this post). This gives me at least one weekend to write the newsletter đŸ˜‰

So, Episode 17 of my newsletter will go out on 3 May 2021 with the following contents.

  • My Blog Posts
  • My Thoughts on Effective Decision Making
    • Ineffective decision making quickly turns a risky but feasible project into a death-march project.
  • News
    • The Qt Company Acquires Froglogic. The acquisition of Froglogic fits the strategy of The Qt Company to improve their tooling.
  • Reading
    • The 2021 Embedded Product Planning and Requirements Guide by The Qt Company. From the introduction: “We sincerely hope that this guide can reduce the effort and risk in building your next [embedded or IoT] product.” I was a bit disappointed after reading this free e-book.
    • Is Qt Right for Your Project and How Can You Tell? by KDAB. KDAB gives better guidance when to use Qt and when not than The Qt Company in the previous item.
    • Qt Creator 4.15: New CMake Features by Cristian Adam (The Qt Company).
    • Signal/Slot Connection Throttlers by Giuseppe D’Angelo (KDAB).

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Newsletter: Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems

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