Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 9

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Here is the table of contents of Episode 9 (August 2020).

  • My Thoughts on Leveraging Usage Rights for IP Creation.
    How you can leverage usage rights for higher fees and for creating productised services or even products.
  • My Blog Posts
  • Reading
    • “Qt Embedded Systems – Part 3: Updating from Thud to Dunfell”. Where I am stuck with the 3rd part of this series on building an Internet radio on the Raspberry Pi.
    • “Stopping Bugs: Seven Layers of Defense”. Another excellent article by Matthew Eshleman.
    • “9 useful tricks of git branch” by Srebalaji Thirumalai.
    • “Projects vs Retainers” and “Pricing Retainer Fees Without Knowning the Scope” by Jonathan Stark.
    • “AI for AG: Production machine learning for agriculture” by Chris Padwick.
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