Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 8

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Here is the table of contents of Episode 8 (July 2020).

  • My Thoughts on Yocto Updates. Or: you never know what you’ll get after a minor-version update.
  • My Blog Posts:
  • Book Review: “A Philosophy of Software Design” by John Ousterhout. John’s concept of deep and shallow modules is a very descriptive and intuitive way of looking at loosely coupled modules with strong cohesion providing a good level of abstraction.
  • Reading
    • “The Anatomy of a Race Condition” by Matthew Eshleman
    • “Five Underplayed Premises of TDD” by GeePaw Hill
    • “How to undo (almost) anything with Git” by Joshua Wehner. How to clean up your Git messes.
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