Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 6

This episode of my newsletter went out to 130 people. You can read my take on eight talks from the Qt Virtual Tech Con and a retrospection on my seven years as a solo consultant. Please sign up here, if you want to enjoy the full contents. Here is the table of contents.

  • My Thoughts on 7 Years as a Solo Consultant. In short: find your niche, market yourself, create your own intellectual property and build up a financial buffer.
  • My Blog Posts
  • Qt Virtual Tech Con 2020
    • Building an app with Qt for MCUs on top of FreeRTOS
    • Getting Started with Yocto & eLinux
    • Advanced Session on Yocto & eLinux
    • Using Modern CMake with Qt
    • Qt Quick 3D: An Introduction and Best Practices
    • Build your first WebAssembly application
    • Developing certified Medtech products with Qt
    • Licensing Overview
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