Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 4

Welcome to Episode 4 of my newsletter with the following content.

  • My Blog Posts
    • Creating Simple Installers with CPack. How to use relative rpaths how to package Qt applications into tarballs.
  • News
    • Available now: Qt for Small Business. Good Qt license option for businesses with less than 250,000 USD revenue per year.
    • New Linux-powered SoC taps an old ARM9 architecture. Microchip launched a well-equipped ARM9 SoC for 4.34 USD per unit at 5K volume.
  • Reading
    • How to Give Respectful and Constructive Code Review Feedback.
    • The Matthew Test: 15 Steps to Better Embedded Softare (and Firmware). An embedded version of The Joel Test.
    • The Performance Benefits of Final Classes.
    • In-Class Member Initialisation: From C++11 to C++20. Includes initialisation of static member variables.
    • Introduction to Trusted Execution Environment and ARM’s TrustZone.
  • CMake Resources
    • A CMake special to help you ramp up your CMake skills. Links to a book, two videos and several posts.
    • Note: CMake will be the default build system for Qt 6 replacing QMake.

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