Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 3

Welcome to Episode 3 of my newsletter. Follow this link to read the full newsletter. Here is the table of contents.

  • My Blog Posts
    • Less Love for FOSS Qt Users. Changes in Qt 5.14 and ideas for a better princing model for Qt.
    • Benefits of a Relocatable Qt. Step-by-step walkthrough of relocating Qt from a build server to a development PC and to an embedded system.
  • News
    • Introducing WPEQt, a WPE API for Qt5. The Webkit Port for Embedded as a good alternative to Qt5WebEngineCore.
    • Learn More About iMX8 based product development. Terminal manufacturer CrossControl getting serious about i.MX8 terminals.
    • Tesla teardown finds electronics 6 years ahead of Toyota and VW. How Tesla benefit from vertical integration of their hardware and software.
    • Volkswagen ID.3 reportedly suffering software problems. Manual software update of at least 10,000 ID.3 cars.
  • Reading
    • Questions to Ask: Software Architecture, Design and Coding. A useful list of questions to ask regularly during software development projects.
    • Is High Quality Software Worth the Cost? About the rare case where higher quality costs less.
    • Don’t buy into the Technical Debt Illusion. Avoid deliberate technical debt by all means and work hard to reduce inadvertent technical debt (a.k.a. technical inflation).
    • 17 Theses on Software Estimation. No doubt that software developers must improve their estimation skills.

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