Burkhard on Qt Embedded Systems: No. 2

Welcome to my second newsletter and the first one I sent out by mail to my subscribers. Follow this link to read the full newsletter. Here is the table of contents.

  • My Blog Posts
    • QML Engine Deletes C++ Objects Still In Use – Revisited with Address Sanitizers.
    • Introduction to the SAE J1939 Standard: Broadcast and peer-to-peer messages
  • News
    • Qt offering changes 2020: What do these changes mean for FOSS Qt users.
    • C++ Move Semantics – The Complete Guide: The new book by Nicolai Josuttis.
    • A Deep Dive into Controller Area Networks with Qt: My talk at the QtDay in Florence, Italy, on March 14th.
  • Reading
    • What TDD is – and isn’t – like: TDD is mainly about complexity reduction.
    • TDD Guided ZOMBIES: How to get rolling with TDD.
    • Hexagonal Architecture: How to prevent the business logic from leaking into other parts of an application.
    • Prototyping for Portability – Lightweight Architectural Strategies: Writing portable code makes your life so much easier.
    • Colour Theory for Designers: How to create your own colour schemes. Plus links to web-based palette gnerators.
    • Colour Contrast for Interface Design: How to find the right contrast for the colours of a palette. Plus a link to a web-based contrast checker.

Enjoy reading!

Cheers, Burkhard

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