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Writing Apps for GM Cars

Just three years ago, this would have been unthinkable. GM publishes an SDK (NGI SDK) to write apps for the infotainment systems of its cars and an app (GM Dev Client) to run the app in the car.

General Motors has launched GM Dev Client, an industry-first app that gives approved developers who have created in-vehicle applications the ability to test them in a real GM vehicle. In-vehicle app testing is the next step for app developers who have already created a proof of concept using GM’s next-generation infotainment software development kit (NGI SDK).

Of course, you need a car or at least access to a car from one of GM’s brands, which is a bit tricky in Europe. And, it is must be a model from 2017 or newer.

By the way, these third-party apps are written with Web technologies (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

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